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  • “Hey Juliana, thanks for all your help and offering your services to me . The letter was excellent in court and so was the certificate.” -Anger Management Workshop Attendee
  • “Thank you, Juliana, for helping me understand me!!! We are responsible for our realities. May yours be all your wish; I know now mine will be. Thanks!” -Emotional Intelligence Workshop Attendee
  • “Juliana was fantastic. My expectations were exceeded. Thanks!” -Workshop Attendee
  • Juliana was articulate and empathetic to various participants pasts and experiences.” -Workshop Attendee
  • “I feel it was very important that the instructor was so down to earth and implemented her own life experiences. I was able to relate and open up as I would not normally do.” -Workshop Attendee
  • “Juliana was very pleasant. She used her personal situations in order to bring perspective and understanding. Very encouraging!” -Workshop Attendee
  • “Magnifico! Great passion, empathy and understanding of others. I mostly liked Juliana’s personal reflections, openness and the way she engaged the class” -Workshop Attendee
  • “I discovered that I’m not an angry person! I just never learned to communicate!” -Workshop Attendee